Rescue Services


Rescue Services :

Nethaji Mercy Home has been involved in rescuing children who ran away from home because of academic failure, or of not wanting to go to school, or of children thrown out by family members, or of lost parents or of forced for job. Nethaji Mercy Home has been rescuing not only children but also the women, men, and senior citizens who were away from their family due to misunderstanding with family members or thrown out by relatives because of poverty or of physical instability or mental instability. Nethaji Mercy Home has been involved in this service with the support of child-line, Chennai Help-line Senior Citizens, Chennai police force and other Social work agencies.

"Nethaji Mercy Home Rescued Mentally Unstable Women from the Streets of Chennai"

"Krishna Jayathi Celebration Children Greeted Lord Krishna with Mrs.Kala during Krishna Jayanthi Celebration"